We are happy to launch our first season ever !

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Launching Our First Collection Ever !
Hand-loom Banarasi Shawls, perfect for the Summer Vibrant & Chic, just like the woman of today 🙂


Top things to do in Varanasi

Talk a walk on the Ghats of river Ganges

varanasi india travel photography

A boat ride on Ganges, and watch the Evening Aarti to add to the awesomeness

varanasi india travel photography

Get enchanted by the Evening Aarti

varanasi india travel photography

Visit Sarnath

varanasi india travel photography

Immerse yourself in Ramnagar Fort

varanasi india travel photography

Retail Therapy in Chowk market ( Unfortunately I couldn’t make it there this time. But it’s an absolute must! )

Watch the ‘Ram Leela’ ( Missed it this time around! I’ll try to make it the next time! )

And, the food ~ From the chats to the kebabs to the sweets, you’ll run out of time, but never out of things to try out.

That is Aloo chat ~ And it’s heavenly. 20rs/- is all it’s going to cost you.

varanasi india travel photography food

What are your top picks?

Introducing the Banarasi Handloom !

This is the Handloom, on which the artisan takes about a week to produce a 5 yard sari!

That is quiet some work, and a lot of luxury in one garment.

The warp is the thread coming towards the weaver, and the weft is the thread that is interwoven into the warp. You can see the weft in the followup post 🙂

I will make a series of posts breaking down the processes involved.


Arrived !


So it begins. Feeling my way through my childhood.

In between work, sitting near the Ghats and enjoying hot samosas and lassis!


Meeting with weavers scheduled for the week. Not Just Things has begun. A dream come true !

Being a woman in the traditional market scenario of India

I was faced with the decision of joining an architecture firm soon after my graduation. But having interned, I realized that it’s not what I wanted at this point in my life. After months and months of soul searching, I hit upon a project I had stashed away due to overload of college work. Banarasi saris . That’s what held all the appeal for me. It was something I always wanted to do. Call me sentimental but it’s part of who I am. I am what I am because of them. And I felt it as a duty to my roots to carry on this legacy. Plus it’s fun . So I pulled out all my findings and started to piece together my dream. And on my path of self discovery, ‘Not Just Things’ popped into my head. Sometimes, you just know that this is it. And I knew then, that this was what I wanted do. I never wanted to say ‘what if?’.So here I am, knee deep in my version of entrepreneurship, scared and excited at the same time! It is quite a challenge to be working at dads because no one got why an architect wanted to work in this field. Additionally, I’m the only woman owner in the market.It can be a challenge to be taken seriously as a girl, all 5 feet of me, in a profession that is mostly handled by men. It has a profound effect on you to become one with the traditional markets of India. 🙂